Sea Salt Flakes are rare flaky salt crystals made by carefully scraping the top crust of the salt in the harvesting ponds. The flake salt is produced naturally by methods involving the sun and wind. It has no artificial flavor or additives. With its natural delicate flavor and high mineral content, it is popularly used as a finishing salt. The flakes in the salt crystals add a crunch to the gourmet food when sprinkled on top of any culinary creation.
BiSALT source gourmet salt varieties from only trusted partners and carefully screen every grain of salt using highly qualified workforce and high technology. BiSALT are working hard to bring you only the cleanest natural salt from across Turkey and the world.

Creative Director 
Tuba Gök​​​​​​​
Ozan Çelik
Food Stylist
Dilek Yetkiner
La Brand Creative
BiSALT Company
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